Sinfully Organic

organic butter

Eating organic does not mean that you have to give up life's simple pleasures.  I have met many mothers in the carpool line who know that I run an organic household.  They are very interested in the items I buy and how I cook for my family.  I have come to realize that most people assume that I am a health freak because I choose to only eat organic foods.  Those who know me well know that this is so far from the truth.  

I had one mother say in passing that she tries to cook at home but it never tastes very good so she ends up buying prepackaged side items.  After talking with her, I realized she was using olive oil instead of butter to spice up dishes that traditionally use butter.  I would rather use organic butter and organic cream than items that will not taste good together, or worse, buy non-organic prepackaged items filled with trans fat and preservatives.  

I love brownies.  I can not find a good organic brownie mix that is not gluten free, fat free, etc., etc..  I am not trying to avoid gluten but do want all natural organic ingredients with no preservatives.  I have found the only way to do this is to make my own.  The kids enjoy baking so it becomes a way to have fun together as a family.  And guess what, we use butter and suger, lots of it, it tastes fantastic and is no question better than anything you could ever get in a box.  The point i want to get across is that living an organic lifestyle does not mean you have to sacrifice the things you love for "healthy" alternatives.  Organic food is "better" food not "health" food.  Butter is butter, it is full of saturated fat and organic or not, it should be used in moderation.  Living organically does not mean living without butter, but rather, using organic butter, in moderation.  

The key to running an organic household is to make it a gradual process and find organic items to substitute for the ones you loved.  You do not have to give up life's simple pleasures, you just make them organic simple pleasures.   

EWG's Dirty Dozen

The Environmental working group has released it's annual list of the most pesticide ridden produce items out there.  The purpose of the list is to point out the worst offending produce items worth avoiding to limit your exposure to pesticides in produce.  Of course, our advice is to ALWAYS buy organic and not have to worry (as much) about pesticides being on or around your food but the EWG's list is still a great reference and a great starting point for those interested in organic vs conventional foods.  

Here is the list of the "Dirty Dozen Plus" from Environmental Working Group.


dirty dozen.png

And here is their list of the "Clean 15".  It lists the least pesticide ridden produce items.  Again, we recommend buying ALL organic...but still, its an interested and thoughtful list and study. 

clean fifteen.png

If you would like to read the entire report, it is available at the EWG Website here.

Who Owns Organic Food?

If you missed this interesting infographic on Who Owns Organic from Michigan State University Professor of Community Sustainability Dr. Phil Howard, then you really are going to want to check it out below.  Pretty amazing.  While this might raise some alarms as to the quality of many organic food brands, it also speaks to the growing popularity of organic food...and that is a very good thing.

organic industry.png

Organic "Candy Bars"

My children, like all children, love candy bars.  I realized it is more about the term "candy bars" than the actual treat itself.  My husband and I decided to call organic chocolate chip granola bars "candy bars" when our twins were still very young. They are now 6 years old and they refer to granola bars as candy bars and consider them a special treat.  Their two year old brother is now learning the same.  My philosophy with all food is that if we can change the way our children think about treats and candy we can change their eating habits and cravings for the better.

Our girls are in kindergarten and the school they attend requires us to pay for snacks that they given every day.We are given no option to send in our own organic snacks with our children. As you can probably imagine this upsets me because my children are now being given foods that I have never allowed them to be exposed to in the past, like Twix Yogurt.  Everyday, as I pick my children up from school, I ask them what they were given as a snack.  Yesterday, they said "Mom, we had candy bars."  I, of course, am flabbergasted that they were served candy bars as a snack so I continue to question them further.  Helena then explains, "They were like ours with chocolate chips and granola but not as good.  Our granola bars at home have real chocolate in them.  This chocolate tasted fake.  I didn't like them" .  I calmed down realizing they had granola bars as a snack and proceeded to celebrate my child's comment.  She was beginning to understanding, through flavors, what we have been trying to instill in her for the past six years.  Real food tastes better.   Her taste buds were have been trained to appreciate the real stuff and it was working!  Not the junk covered in high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and flavors!!    

This is a mini -celebration for our organic household!!   We as parents have an obligation to educate our children about the foods they eat.  The younger they are the easier this is to accomplish.  Getting them started young can make an impact on them for the rest of their lives.